DJI RS4 Pro Brings More Powerful Motors, Better Stability, and More Advanced Features

While we know them best for their drones, DJI also has a wide selection of filmmaking accessories, ranging from consumer devices like phone gimbals to a massive 8K cinema camera setup. This time around, they outfit is updating their line of cinema gimbals with a new flagship in the form of the DJI RS4 Pro.

That’s right, DJI has a new flagship gimbal aimed at the film and TV industry, which they’re releasing alongside the non-Pro version aimed at a more mainstream audience. Of course, we’re focusing on the Pro version here, which has been refined for better overall performance across various fronts.

The DJI RS4 Pro gets a carbon fiber construction that allows it to support payloads of up to 10 pounds, which should be enough to accommodate any modern mirrorless or cinema camera setups. It comes with dual rolling bearings on the roll axis and a tilt axis fine tuning knob, to ensure smooth and precise adjustments, with upgraded axis locks that improve stability for shooting vertically (yep, it can shoot portrait-style for all the smartphone content you want to make). All axes get a 20 percent increase in motor torque for more responsive tracking even if you maximize the payload with heavy cameras and accessories.

It gets the fourth-generation of DJI’s stabilization algorithm, which brings improved smoothness and control for fast-moving scenes, even with heavier camera setups. This should especially come in handy with the new car mount mode, which optimizes the stabilizer for vehicle shoots, ensuring steady footage even in the shakiest situations. It uses the same BG30 battery grip as its predecessor, which can power it for up to 12 hours of operation, with support for the new BG70 grip if you need even longer battery life. Both grips, by the way, support up to 18 watts power deliver via USB-C port for those times you need to plug in for extended shoots.

The DJI RS4 Pro’s big update, though, is the support for the Focus Pro LiDAR and Focus Pro Motor, which gives cinematographers autofocus capability even when using manual focus lenses. This combo offers 76,800 ranging points, a maximum human subject focusing distance of 20 meters, a 70-degree FOV, and advanced AI algorithms that take advantage of the LiDAR tech to ensure dependable subject tracking even in difficult shooting conditions. If you add the outfit’s Dual Focus and Zoom Motors, you can even enjoy native and precise lens control.

The gimbal’s OLED touchscreen incorporates a new auto-lock feature, so you don’t accidentally press any of the onscreen controls while you’re busy capturing footage. It supports remote operation, which can be useful during collaborative team shooting, allowing you to control it with DJI’s various compatible accessories, such as the DJI Master Wheels and the DJI Ronin 4D Hand Grips.

The DJI RS4 Pro is available now, priced starting at $869. If that’s a bit too rich for your production budget, you can also opt for the non-Pro version, which retails for $549, albeit without the more advanced features.

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