Euhomy E-Cooler and Ice Maker Can Crank Out Six Ice Cubes Every Eight Minutes While Serving As A Portable Fridge

Portable 12V fridges, also called electric coolers, are incredibly handy, allowing you to have a proper fridge and freezer that’s compact enough to fit in the boot of your car and portable enough to take right to your campsite. The Euhomy E-Cooler and Ice Maker does the same things as other portable fridges, but does them one better by integrating a fully-automated ice maker into the mix.

We know… you can make ice on any portable fridge set in freezer mode. However, doing so takes a while, similar to how long it takes if you put water on an ice tray in your home freezer. This one, on the other hand, has a dedicated ice maker that can churn out six cubes in just eight minutes, allowing you to keep a steady supply of ready-to-use ice at all times.

The Euhomy E-Cooler and Ice Maker divides its main compartment to two sections: a 34.9-quart refrigerated area and a 12.7-quart ice chamber. The refrigerator section can hold up to 32 standard-sized beverage cans or 26 550ml bottles, so you can pack a whole lot of refreshments inside it. Plus, since it makes ice, you can even enjoy drinks from out of the cooler, since you can just put them in a cup with some ice to enjoy chilled drinks. Temperature inside the fridge can be adjusted anywhere from -20 to 10 degrees Celsius (-4 to 50 degrees Fahrenheit), so you can use it to not just keep drinks chilled, but even keep food items frozen as long as you need, so long as you can recharge the onboard battery.

The ice area, on the other hand, remains at a constant freezing temperature, so you can make multiple batches of ice and keep it there for when you need them. According to the outfit, the 12.7-quart capacity allows it to accommodate up to 100 ice cubes at a time, with the built-in ice maker allowing you to easily make new ones whenever you’re running low.

The Euhomy E-Cooler and Ice Maker is powered by a 15.6Ah battery that can be removed and replaced with a fully-charged unit any time it drains out. As you can imagine, this thing eats through that battery pretty heavily, as you only get 19 hours of operation with the fridge set at 4 degrees Celsius, so you’ll definitely want to have a way of easily recharging this on the go. A control panel on the side allows you to control the fridge’s operation, giving you the ability to quickly power on/off, adjust temperature for the fridge section, and activate the ice maker, with three indicator lights, namely one for normal operation, one for when it needs a water refill, and one when the ice basket is full.

Features include a small window above the ice maker (in case you want to see it in action), built-in cup holders on the lid (up to 10 cups), a built-in bottle opener, and a USB port for charging devices. There’s also a companion app that you can use to manage the fridge remotely.

A Kickstarter campaign is currently running for the Euhomy E-Cooler and Ice Maker. You can reserve a unit for pledges starting at $351.

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