The Best MagSafe Wallets to Help Streamline Your Daily Essentials

The introduction of MagSafe brought a lot of cool things to the iPhone, from more intuitive wireless charging and magnetic mounting options to a whole host of clever accessories that take advantage of those handy magnets in the back. One of our favorites, though, is the introduction of MagSafe wallets, as the magnets allowed accessory makers to add a handy wallet to the device without using adhesives or building an entire iPhone case. That means, you can easily take the wallet out to charge your phone, then quickly put it back in once you’re getting back on the road. It’s very useful.

Instead of putting your iPhone in one pocket and a wallet on the other, MagSafe wallets let you simply keep them in the same place at all times. Not only does this free up more pocket space, it also gives you quick access to both simultaneously. Apple Pay not working when paying at the register? Not a problem, since you can simply pull out a card from the back and use that instead. Very convenient.

Some of the best MagSafe wallets embrace a minimal spirit, offering just a simple pocket to hold your cash and cards, while others bring a little more reinforcement, essentially putting a hard shell case in the back of your iPhone. Many MagSafe wallets stick to traditional wallet functions, although others try to be more creative, integrating grips, kickstands, and other elements that a cross-section of iPhone users might be able to find useful. By the way, it’s important to note that there are now adhesive attachments you can use to add a magnetic ring to any Android phone, which allows them to be compatible with many types of MagSafe accessories, so MagSafe wallets are no longer just the iPhone users’ domain.

These are the best MagSafe wallets to help streamline your everyday carry.

CLCKR Phone Holder & Wallet

While it’s a little on the thicker side, we love how secure this MagSafe wallet is able to keep our cards. You can, literally, throw your phone around and they’re going to stay in place. Taking out your cards is easy, too, as you simply have to push them out to the other side. It’s just unfortunate it only fits two cards, as many folks really like carrying at least three when they use minimalist wallets. If you can live with just a pair of cards, though, then you’ll love the integrated stand that pops out with a click, which also doubles as a nifty secure grip to make sure your iPhone doesn’t slip out at any time. All that at an affordable price, too.

Caseology Nano Pop Vegan Leather Magnetic Wallet

If you want a simple, no-nonsense way to carry two cards with your phone, we love the simple design of this two-card MagSafe wallet, with its minimalist profile just slotting in the back of the device without adding a lot of bulk. It’s made from PU leather with a suede interior, so you don’t have to worry about scratching your cards, with contrasting colors for the front and back panels giving it a subtle but pleasant style. Sure, the PU leather isn’t the nicest-looking, but it absolutely gets the job done.

Mophie Snap+ Juice Pack Mini Wallet

If you don’t mind a little extra bulk, this MagSafe wallet combines room for up to three cards with a very convenient 5,000 mAh wireless charging battery. That means, you not only get a place to store your driver’s license, credit card, and whatever else, you also get a healthy heaping of juice for your iPhone. Just make sure to turn the battery on, so that it automatically charges the phone as needed. And since this is MagSafe, everything is automatically aligned, so it’s going to charge correctly every single time. It’s not the best-looking accessory, as it, literally, looks like they just attached a wallet to the back of the original Snap+. As far as utility goes, though, this is really one of the more useful accessories you can throw in with your phone.

Spigen MagFit Rugged Armor

Available in two-card and three-card variants, this hard shell MagSafe wallet has a plastic and carbon fiber build that ensures strength and lightweight performance. It’s very slim, too, barely adding any bulk to your device, even with the three-card version, while the non-slip silicone panels in the back ensure it never moves around even when your phone gets snagged while coming out of your pocket. When snapped to your phone, you can easily get cards out by pushing them from the button; when removed, you can alternative use a cutout in the back to do the same thing. We love the look Spigen achieved with this wallet, too – it looks so much nicer than other hard case MagSafe wallets we’ve tried out.

ESR HaloLock Magnetic Wallet

Most MagSafe wallets are just slim cases designed to hold cards in a single pocket. It’s why we enjoy the variety of this option, which feels more like a regular billfold, since it opens to an inner compartment and comes with three different pockets that hold one card each, including an inside pocket with a viewing window that’s perfect for storing your driver’s license. The billfold-style actually comes in clutch, as it pulls double duty as a functional kickstand that can keep your phone upright hands-free in both portrait and landscape modes. This uses ESR’s HaloLock system, by the way, which boasts 70 percent greater strength than Apple’s own MagSafe wallets.

Spigen MagFit Valentinus

Much as we love Spigen’s hard shell option above, this vegan leather MagSafe wallet is our favorite from their collection. First off, the vegan leather neither looks nor feels cheap like many faux leather materials, giving it a pretty refined aesthetic. It’s minimalist, too, offering just a single slim pocket that can fit either two or three cards, depending on which model you choose. Taking out your cards is easy, as well, requiring you to simply push up from the bottom cutout. Unlike their hard case wallet, this one doesn’t use silicone to create a non-slip surface to come in contact with your phone, instead relying on a textured molding to provide the same anti-slip function. We have to say, the textured molding actually gives it additional flair when you take the wallet out to use on its own.

Moft Magsafe Wallet Stand

There’s no shortage of MagSafe wallets that incorporate a stand. What makes this option from Moft stand out, though, is the origami-style folding design it incorporates, which gives the folding mechanism a somewhat more interesting vibe. Even with that origami-style stand, the whole thing just measures a fifth of an inch thick, all while having a pocket that accommodates up to three cards. The stand can be used in both landscape and portrait modes, by the way, complete with a “floating” landscape option that slightly elevates the phone over the table surface. It’s made from a nice-looking faux leather, too, which really helps round out the package.

Pelican Magnetic Wallet & Card Holder

We all know Pelican for their secure and rugged cases, so it’s no surprise that their MagSafe wallet is built out of the same basic concept. That explains the hard shell exterior cut in impact polymer, which comes with raised areas to help divert any impact away from your phone, as well as the clamshell opening, the latch closure, and the IPX4 water resistance. Simply put, this looks like a miniature version of a Pelican case with a MagSafe-compatible magnet in the back. Inside, you get storage for up to four cards and even a latched area where you can keep folded bills, so you can carry a bit more with this thing in tow. By the way, Pelican claims they use a strong magnet that can hold up to three times the weight of a typical iPhone, so there’s little chance of the phone slipping when you grip it via the wallet. And yes, you can feel the strength of that magnetic connection, as it’s very noticeable compared to other MagSafe wallets.

PopSockets PopWallet+ with Expanding Grip

This MagSafe wallet holds up to three cards in a fabric pouch inside a hard plastic enclosure. The fabric section is exposed at the bottom, so you can simply push up on it to pop your cards out at the top. What really makes it special, though, is the integration of the outfit’s signature PopTop, a sturdy grip that makes it easy to hold the phone securely between two fingers. The grip flattens flush onto the wallet when not in use, so it won’t make things uncomfortable in your pocket, while also serving as a functional landscape kickstand, in case you want to watch traditional videos on your phone hands-free. Comes in seemingly endless colors and designs.

Satechi Magnetic Wallet Stand

Measuring two-fifths of an inch in thickness, this MagSafe wallet can hold up to four cards across its three pockets, making it a good option if the two- and three-card wallets are a tad too limited for your needs. It uses a billfold design similar to the ESR wallet above, complete with an ID pocket with a built-in viewing window in one of the inner compartments and NFC passthrough support for the front pocket. As with other billfold-style MagSafe wallets, it uses the folding design to add a functional kickstand, allowing you to use the wallet to prop up the phone in portrait or landscape at a variety of angles (it can open up to 160 degrees).

Mujjo Full Leather Magnetic Wallet

We love the simple elegance of this leather wallet, which has an angled pocket opening that gives it just a hint of extra flair. It looks absolutely gorgeous sitting on the back of your phone. A cutout at the bottom of the pocket makes it easy to push the cards out of the compartment, while a hidden spring inside locks in the cards, so they don’t simply fall out while you use your phone throughout the day. This wallet, by the way, uses silicone strips on its backside to serve as a textured surface that prevents slipping while it’s magnetically attached to the phone. Those diagonal silicone strips look nice, too, making them quite the nice accent when you decide to use the wallet on its own.

Apple iPhone FineWoven Wallet with MagSafe

Naturally, we have Apple’s own MagSafe wallet in our list. While the outfit originally made a leather version, they’ve since decided to switch up to this more sustainable option, which uses a fine-looking microtwill material made from 68 percent post-consumer waste that, somehow, manages to replicate the look and feel of that original accessory. The wallet can accommodate up to three cards in its single pocket, with an RFID shield that ensures your card data is always safe. A nice surprise is that the wallet is actually supported in Apple’s Find My feature, so you can use that, in case you ever lose it for whatever reason.

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