Samsung S23 Design Leaks Ahead of 2023 Release

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Samsung has only just released its last flagship phones for 2022, the Z Fold4 and Flip4, but its first launch of 2023 is already leaking. New renders purport to show the upcoming Galaxy S23 and S23+ in all their glory. The phones are a bit larger than the outgoing models, and the design takes some cues from the S22 Ultra.

These renders are not direct from Samsung — they come courtesy of OnLeaks, which has a history of accuracy working from leaked CAD files. Some elements like the material finish and color are mere guesses, but the shape and size of the device should be close to what we see in a few months.

The S23+ (above) will be in the middle of the lineup, with the smaller and cheaper S23 on one side and the S23 Ultra on the other. According to Smartprix, the S23+ will have the same 6.6-inch display size as the S22+, but the overall body is a bit larger. The S22+ is 157.4 x 75.8 x 7.6 mm, but the S23+ will allegedly be 157.7 x 76.1 x 7.6mm. Hopefully, the added space will allow Samsung to increase the battery size, which was smaller in the S22+ than in previous models.

It also looks like Samsung is dropping the distinctive camera island it has used on the Galaxy S family for the past several years. No more will the frame jut out to surround the camera sensors. The S23 will reportedly feature individual raised rings around each of the three camera sensors, a design that Samsung debuted earlier in 2022 with the S22 Ultra. Lest you think the base model S23 will retain the S22’s design, there’s a separate leak via with renders of that phone. It’s visually identical to the S23+, but the phone will be smaller with a 6.1-inch screen.

The Galaxy S23 is smaller than the Plus variant, not that you can tell from a render.

Given the track record of OnLeaks releases, we’d put money on these renders being spot-on for the S23+. We won’t know for sure until Samsung reveals the S23 family officially, which is expected in February 2023. Perhaps Samsung will have an upgrade that isn’t discernable in these leaked images — maybe a better primary camera or faster charging. In terms of design, this is only a minor departure from the S22+. Regardless, the S23 family will have the latest Qualcomm chips, and it sounds like Samsung won’t saddle the international market with an inferior Exynos variant for once.

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