Zygo Z2 Makes the Streaming-Capable Swim Headphones Even Better

If you like to swim with waterproof headphones on, then you already know that Bluetooth doesn’t work underwater. That’s why swimmers prefer using headphones with built-in players, as it allows them to enjoy music while moving through the water without having to rely on an unstable Bluetooth connection. Back in 2021, Zygo changed the landscape by releasing swimming headphones that use a proprietary wireless connection that worked in the water. This year, they’re making it even better with the Zygo Z2.

To the unfamiliar, the original headphones worked by using a wireless transmitter as a middleman. Essentially, your phone streams audio to the transmitter over Bluetooth, then the transmitter sends it over to the headphones using a proprietary radio signal that’s able to work even a few feet underwater. Well, that system continues, albeit with a few improvements in audio quality, range, battery life, and more.

The Zygo Z2 are bone conduction headphones that use an included transmitter to convert the Bluetooth signals into the outfit’s own water-friendly wireless protocol. Instead of a separate transmitter, though, this iteration uses the headphone’s carrying case as the transmitter, so there’s one less device to worry about. Just place the case somewhere around the pool area next to your phone and enjoy listening to music. The transmitter can receive audio signals from any app, so you can swim to your playlists on Spotify, Pandora, Apple Music, or anywhere else. You’re not just stuck with music, either, since it can also transmit podcasts, audiobooks, and any other type of audio you want to listen to in the water.

According to the outfit, if you’re swimming in the pool, operating range should be roughly 300 feet, so you can place the phone and transmitter a good distance from the pool area with no trouble. If you’re staying above the water the whole time, such as when you’re just chilling on a pool float or paddle boarding on a lake, it actually claims an effective range of around half a mile (2,600+ feet), so you can actually leave your phone and transmitter on the shore while exploring the water.

The Zygo Z2 can be worn over or under the swim cap, with the headphones wearing securely using either option. Just like similar headphones, you place the speakers on the cheekbones right in front of the ears, where it will transmit the sound through the cheekbones directly to the inner ears, bypassing the ear canals. No details on what kind of audio improvements they made with this iteration, but we’ll take their word on that.

It doesn’t just stream music while you swim, by the way, as it’s also fitted with sensors that allow it to count laps, data for which is recorded in the companion app, eliminating the need to wear a separate tracker for basic swim tracking. Do note, the app is a premium feature with an accompanying subscription ($120 per year), so the lap counter isn’t part of the basic package. Aside from counting laps, the subscription also gets you a walkie-talkie mode (so your coach can talk to you through the headphones), training programs, online classes, and more.

The Zygo Z2 comes out in May. It’s now available for preorder, priced at $299.

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